Wednesday, May 25, 2011

145/365....The Bricks.

The Bricks.
Took a ride up the road to Manchester, WA. and the State Park there.
In the late 1800's/early 1900's this served as a Torpedo Storehouse for Ft. Ward which was used to protect Bremerton's Naval Shipyard and Puget Sound. (Though neither were ever in danger of attack.)
The goverment turned it over to the state who made it a park.
It's a beautiful place to go. You can overnight camp or just go for a day. There's a beach for walking or just watching the various boats go by.
The Bricks can be reserved for many ocassions. I once attended a wedding there.

 Calma at Manchester State Park, Manchester, WA.


  1. Oh this is a lovely spot, Calma. It looks very peaceful and quiet there. Perfect place for a wedding, party or reception.

    It also looks like you had a nice day for the visit.


  2. I love the many old forts and strong holds from our past. This one looks very peaceful! I never knew about this place. Very cool!! I can see why they use it for weddings and gatherings.