Saturday, May 14, 2011

134/365: Caturday

Zulka and Oli

My kitties, Zulka (full name Catzilla, found by a drunk co-worker staggering home one night) and Oli (full name Alder, picked out from a foster home run by my vet's aging mother) looking down from the mezzanine where we all sleep. In case you are wondering, Oli does indeed only have one eye. He was rescued very young from an old shed in the market and had to have it removed because of infection.

I also have Radesh, my oldest, biggest cat, but he's on holiday at my parents' place where he can go outside and hunt. He got so cranky at being indoors all day once the spring days started that I had to move him out there. The kids here, they don't even know outdoors exists and I plan to keep it that way, since there's no sensible way to let them out where I live. Third floor, middle of the city, lots of cars, lots of dogs running loose, lots of drunks and hooligans, lots of dangerous places where a cat can get trapped and never be found again. I'm all for cats being allowed outside whenever possible but sometimes it just can't be done.



  1. Meow! Kitties!!! :D

    They are gorgeouse, Rodia.
    Poor little one who had to loose an eye.
    But I bet he doesn't even know the difference.

    I don't allow my cats outside anymore.
    I have lost too many to the road, if you know what I mean. Not going through that agony any more.

    Love their full names, btw.

    So pretty they are.


  2. Ro hon the kids are beautiful!! I love that Radesh has gone on holiday so that he can hunt during the summer time. :D But I know that the others are just as happy to be home with you. I love your babies and I like that they have the railing to peek through and pose from.


  3. Ahhhh. Kittehs. They look lovely and very healthy, enjoying a rest.

    Thanks for sharing.