Thursday, January 5, 2012

5/366 Snowball-growing shrubs?

In one of the rare moments that the gusts blew enough of the clouds away to let the sun come through, I walked by this hedge of clematis. It was very rainy and windy yesterday - I guess the wind also blew the seeds dry within minutes - and the seeds took the opportunity of a moment of dryness to fluff up and float away on the wind.
With the sun shining in from behind, the white, sparkly seeds looked like the hedge was growing snowballs. :D (Unfortunately, the pic doesn't bring it out very well - I knew there'd only be seconds before the clouds would be back covering the sun, so I was in a hurry to get the shot. :) )

Happy New Year, Shutterbugs! :D


  1. If you click on the photo to make it bigger, it definitely looks like it's growing snowballs. :)

    Lovely photo - Happy New Year, Monika!

  2. I clicked on the picture and it does look like it's growing snowballs. :D

    You got a good shot there, Hobby.


  3. Wow.. that is quite the 'fluff'!! Some of my clematis have seed fluff.. but not that much. How cool! At first I thought perhaps the seeds from milk weed or something got caught in the clematis.

  4. Bring me.. a snowball-growing shrubbery!!