Wednesday, August 3, 2011

215/365: Dakota Fanning?

From the HELLO thread:

We were discussing "hand fans" and I mentioned that I keep one at the office and would take a photo of it.  I got this in the Japanese gardens in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  It doesn't look like much, but it is a rather large cloth and bamboo fan and I do actually use it.  Stay cool.



  1. I like how you got it to stand up like that. :D

    I think it could only be called Dakota Fan-ning if you got it in one of the Dakotas.... ;)

    Still it's a pretty fan and I like how you set up the shot, too.


  2. That's a very pretty fan! :) Also glad to see you have the weather to use it! :D

  3. I really enjoy my fans!! I have one that I will have to get a piccie of soon. I hate to be too warm but I hate being cold more. So I can move air and take cool showers if I get too warm.

    Nice piccie of a wonderful and beautiful fan. Is it Sandlewood?