Thursday, August 25, 2011

237/365 Lazy late summer happiness

After weeks of autumnal grey and almost incessant rain at home, I was so thrilled to find summer when I travelled about two-hundred kilometres south to my parents' place on Monday afternoon for a few days' stay - been doing a little gardening - which is bliss to a hobbit, too, of course - but mostly lazing out in the August warmth.

The heat seems to be broken up after some rain and thunderstorms yesterday, but today there was some more fine sunshine, so here's me lounging on a lawn chair with a small glass of chilled mead (bought from the local honey-maker's stall at the farmers market on Tuesday) and a small apple from our own tree for afternoon sustenance. :D

The apples on our trees are pretty much all ready for harvesting now, but there were a other few things to be picked up, too. The last of the plums and the first of the grapes are mingling in this bucket, together with a few late-summer flowers, dahlias and golden rod. :)


  1. Love the way you set up your pictures, Hobby.

    Enjoy the late Summer.


  2. Your pictures look as yummy and comfortable as can be. Very sweet photos and nice toe nail polish job as well. :D



  3. Lovely photos. Glad you hang some great weather finally. :)

  4. Thank you, all! :D LOLOL, Jules, thanks - yes, red toe-nails is my hallmark for summer. :D