Friday, August 12, 2011

224/365 Go Native

These aren't the best quality photographs,
but I'm doing the 'guest spot' today
so I thought I'd put these in here.
These are  some of the Native American items that I have.
 Pictured are two log drums, a rainstick, a turtle shell 'purse'  and a raccoon totem/decoration. 

For those of you unfamiliar with a rainstick, 
it is a hollow 'skeleton' from a cactus that has died 
& the soft part has decayed away. 
Then the spines (or nails) are driven into the core of the 
wood in concentric circles (a spiral) and pebbles are added.
The ends are then sealed.
When the stick is turned over it sounds like falling rain.
Native peoples of Central & Southwest America 
used rainsticks as a musical instrument and in an attempt to
'call' a rainstorm in times of drought.
The turtle 'purse' is made of a whole turtle shell, front & back.
And guess what? Not a single piece was made in China! :D



  1. Very interesting bit of history.

    Cool pictures, too.


  2. I love Native American stuff. You have some real originals there, Schmozie. That tortoise shell purse is really unique and I love the drums and rain stick.

    Great photos.