Sunday, August 28, 2011

240/365 - Getting ready for fall

The landlord had gravel delivered and spread out in our driveway to make it better for the winter and all the rains. They had the first loads delivered on Friday and then had a friend with a tracker with a scoop come in and spread it around. He finished up this afternoon and Ryan went out with the rake to smooth some edges and finish it up. I think it looks much better now and the pot holes are filled for the moment.

I think that I might get some stepping stones if the rains still cause puddles in the drive way for us to walk upon when we exit the car. But it sure looks nice right now!


Photos taken in our yard in Bow, WA.


  1. Looks nice!

    You live in a pretty place, Vana.


  2. It is always great to get the road/drive way gravel filled again. At least for a while you will have some comfortable backing out and coming in. We also get big pot holes on the gravel road in front of brothers.

    They talk of paving it all the time, but I am not holding my breath. ;)

    Great photo of Guru smoothing it out on the edges too.