Wednesday, August 24, 2011

236/365.... Arrrggghhh! There Be Pirates!!!

The Hawaiian Chieftain

Well, they're not the Black Pearl, but they're close enough for jazz.  :D

These two beauties sailed into Port Orchard on Monday. The only time for their arrival I could get was 'early afternoon'. Well that could have been anywhere from 12:01 to 5 so I parked myself at the waterfront park for two hours and waited.
Our beautiful sunny weather went South on us, but I waited for the arrival of these tall ships. It seemed like it took forever to get the Chieftain docked so the Lady Washington had to wait her turn. I was becoming nervous about that because I had to meet up with my husband at 3 but they got the Chieftain up to the pier and I was able to get a good close view of the Lady Washington. (thank goodness for a telephoto lens)

Location.  Sinclair Inlet, Port Orchard, WA.

The Lady Washington.


  1. Just beautiful. I love those old rigged out ships and your "extras" photo is a great old renovated boat too.

    Glad you waited to get the photos!!


  2. Awesome - such beautiful ships!