Wednesday, August 31, 2011

243/365: More Beatles

To celebrate the last public paid concert of the Beatles two days ago in San Francisco's Candlestick park in 1966 and the same day in 1958 George Harrison joined the Quarrymen, the forerunner band of the Beatles.

This is a poster that is on the wall directly opposite of my desk, so I get to see it every day.  Love my Beatles. (sorry for the bit of glare, I tried four times and this was the best of the lot)
Jules, Brush Prairie, WA


  1. Stoopfid glossy prints.... (grrrr)

    But it's a cool poster, Jules.
    And it's neat you get to have it where you can see it to get through your work day.


  2. Brilliant. :) As Calma said, great that you get to see it every day, too. (The glare's not too bad - at least it's not on anyone's face. :))