Wednesday, August 17, 2011

229/365 - Oh the Views!!!

WE just took a trip to the other side of the mountains into Eastern Washington to visit family.

As we drove out of the mountains and into the desert side of the state we came across the new Wind Machine Fields! There are rows and rows of wind machines and also there are several fields across the valley on several hillsides in Central Washington. Its the new power source that our state is tapping into both in the central area and along the Columbia River gorge to capture the power of the wind and harness the energy.

Then we came over the hills into the
Yakima Valley and could see
Mt. Adams in the distance.

This is the third mountain in the legend of the Indian story about three Indians and their love triangle. It is something about two warriors (Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainer) who fight over the Princess (Mt. St. Helens). I will have to seek out the story sometime and share it with you all.

The Cental Washington area has lots to see but in the realm of a desert instead of the beautiful mountainous and green of Western Washington that we often share with you.


Photos taken of Ellensburg Canyon and of the Selah Valley of Eastern Washington.


  1. Vanadarlin', these are two lovely pictures and we have now four of the five mountains in the ring of fire. I need to add Mt. Hood and it will be complete.

    I hope you had a lovely time, looks like the weather was great. :D

    Jules ((hugs))

  2. Wonderful pictures, Vana.

    Glad you had a good time and home safe and sound.