Saturday, August 20, 2011

232/365 : Font not loaded

So, apparently some people had trouble viewing the Japanese script in RoseMorninStar's post last week? 

This made me think of the little boxes you see on your screen when you don't have the relevant font on your computer.

  Font not loaded

I think this sign used to say ELEKTROMONTAŻ which would advertise the building of electrical devices, but parts of the neon must have fallen off from disuse as now it says ALAOTNOMONT(antenna)Z.

Love from Lodz



  1. LOL, Rodia.
    As one of those who had the squares, I can appreciate your photo.


  2. I can see your lettering perfectly in the photo. But I still can't see Rose's font. I probably don't have the setting right. :D

    Great photo.


  3. Haaaahahahahaha, I love your photo description, Rodia! "ALAOTNOMONT(antenna)Z", heeehehee.