Sunday, August 21, 2011

233/365 - China's favorite place!

Of all the places a cat can want to be, China prefers her daddy's shoulder as he reads in the evenings. If he is playing on his cell phone or reading a book she thinks he is the most comfortable with her right beside him on his arm and shoulder. I believe he is trying to break her of this but she does her stealth mode slow climb thinking she is sneaky and wont be noticed if she just moves very slowly. It is funny to watch as she thinks he wont notice her slow accent onto his shoulder.


Photo taken in our front room in Bow WA.


  1. Wy Wuv Woo, Daddy...

    Cats, can't live without them.

    Cute picture, Vana


  2. Ahhhhhh. This picture is adorable. I would think that Ryan would tire of it, but I know that China loves the position. :D


  3. So cute! (And the cat's adorable, too. ;) ) :D