Saturday, August 27, 2011

239/365: Critical Mass

Critical Mass, August

Critical Mass! 880 people this month. :D I was number 129. This is the counting stop at the fountain in front of the Theatre, where everyone funnels through a 'gate' and gets handed a little laminated card with the month's theme and a number that they can later put in between their wheel spokes. I have three so far :)

~love from Łódź, Rodia


  1. So, is it a bike rally?
    Or just for a good time?

    Cool shot, though


  2. Calma, it's called Critical Mass, it happens at six pm on the last friday of every month, worldwide- it's a manifestation of the presence of cyclists in the city- like a bike parade, if you will. I'm not sure where you live but most bigger cities will have a group that gets together to do it. Of course, since there's no central organisation behind it, the atmosphere and attitude Lodz it's very organised and friendly (for instance, the city and police are always involved and they oversee the event), but I've heard that in some other places, the Mass is an excuse for cyclists to be jerks.

  3. Sounds like a good thing to do to me!! And this was your third time out. :D Keep up the good work until the weather won't permit the rides until the spring.

    YAY Ro Ro!!