Wednesday, August 24, 2011

236/365: Julia Child BFF

I think I have loved this woman for forty years now!!

This is my second copy of her 15 year project to write a French cookbook for servantless American Cooks!!

Two nights ago, I put the ingredients in the slow cooker for her famous beef bourguignon!!
(basically beef stew in red wine)

And the result.  I realize now I could have cleaned up the plate some, but it came out lovely.
And in the very famous words of Julia Child ----  Bon Appitit!!

My kitchen, Vancouver, WA


  1. That looks good, Jules.

    Was never a fan of the lady, but I understand she could cook the pants off anyone.

    Love how you set up the plate, too.


  2. I take it I can expect my share in the mail any time now...??? ;) :D Looks great - I don't know the author, but I really like slow-cooked beef. :D