Tuesday, August 16, 2011

228/365 5 Senses Garden

I had the car out for a filter and oil change last week, and on the way home stopped at the 5 Senses Garden.  This is a nice little place that is part of the local ‘Greenbelt’ – a trail/walkway that circles the city and provides a bit of nature in the midst of concrete.

I met Shirley while I was there.  She is a woman who practically single-handedly keeps the garden cleaned up and looking nice.  She tried to recruit me to stop by and help some days.  I told her I’d be back in a couple of weeks once I had another weekday off. 

A section of a 145 year old tree trunk:  It was a seedling at the start of the American Civil War:

Spring Creek provides some of the ‘sound’ for the 5 senses.  It is rushing along quite merrily, thanks to the recent rains.

The butterfly bench faces a grassy area turned into marsh (from the rain) ….

~Tooks in Southcentral PA!


  1. What a neat place!

    Great pictures, Tooks.
    Love the creek best.


  2. Ooooh I would love to visit that "5 senses park", looks lovely and great photos. Very unusual, Tooks. :D


  3. Oh Wow!!! This place looks absolutely fabulous!!!! I want to visit there as well!! This garden looks so cool and peaceful!!

    Great photos Tooks!!