Saturday, August 13, 2011

225/365 - Keble Library

So, I'm back from Oxford. This year, we stayed in different college accommodation due to the price of our usual haunt being greatly increased. The new (to us) accommodation was at Keble College and was amazing. The rooms were lovely, but the buildings were gorgeous and we had breakfast (and one dinner) in a real life Harry Potter-esque Great Hall. This is a photo of the library at the college. It is closed outside of university term-time, but the glass was clean and it was lit, so I couldn't resist taking a photo. I love libraries. :)


  1. Ooo, great shot, heliona.
    Glad you had a good time at the moot.


  2. Mmmmmmm books :D

    I envy you the moot!

  3. Great photo, I hope you also got one of the "great hall" that reminded you so of HP. :D And I didn't have a chance to review ALL the photos from the moot, but I have started. Glad you really enjoyed yourself. :D