Tuesday, June 7, 2011

158/365 Star Barn

I took a longer bike ride this past weekend, and of course headed for some ‘country’ roads.
The Star Barn is a well-known landmark around here, and the subject of many a photograph and many a painting by local artists.  The building has been purchased by an agricultural organization, and they plan on dismantling, removing, and rebuilding/restoring it in nearby Lebanon County.  For now it’s still in Lower Swatara Township, just a few miles from my house. 

Here’s a photo of a print in my dining room by local artist Suzanne Satterfield.  I bought it for the ducks, but the Star Barn is there too.

~Tooks in the country in Southcentral PA!


  1. Tooks, that is an excellent old barn and I love the painting too.

    I like that they are going to preserve it, but too bad it won't be so close to you like it is now.

    Great photo!!


  2. Love the barn.
    The print is gorgeous.

    Glad they're going to restore it.


  3. I love old buildings and this one sure exemplifies what I love about them. They are disappearing and to have them captured in pictures and paintings is totally awe inspiring!!!