Sunday, June 12, 2011

163/365 - A View of Our Valley

A view of our valley from up on Little Mountain Viewing area at Little Mountain Park. You are looking out across the lower valley where we live and see the industrial as well as some of the farmlands that are prized and revered here. Notice how close we actually are to the Puget Sound so that you can see why our ground water is so high and when it rains everything stays wet and green for a very long time.

One of these days when the sky is very clear, we will go to Little Mountain and get a picture of the Olympic Mountains. They are the ones that Calma is closest too but from our view they are like beautiful ghosts on the horizon. They truly are something to behold then!


Photos taken from Mount Vernon, WA.


  1. Great pictures, Vana!
    I love over all views. (for lack of a better discription by me)

    Can't wait to see my mountains! :D


  2. I promise when the sun finally takes over the skies I will get it for you. It is a beautiful sight from here!!!


  3. Wow I didn't realize you were so close to The Sound as well. Very sweet and a lovely view. :D