Friday, June 10, 2011

161/365: Fashion statement

Sorry about the washed-out colour; it's rainy and thus kind of dark in my apartment today. Here we have the most fashionable, colour-coordinated outfit in the history of everything, don't you think? Good thing they don't go together...

Anyhow, these are two projects I've finished recently. The skirt is just because I wanted a pleated skirt and had some leftover fabric. I asked my mom to mail me fabric for the lining (a lot of my fabric is still at my parents' house), but she couldn't find the green lining fabric, so instead she sent me a really nice teal blue. :D No one's going to see it, right?

The top half is part of my cosplay for Zefiris, a character from an anime called Scrapped Princess. I wore the finished project, awesome blue wig and all, at Anime Central the last weekend of May. Having shoulders that wide is rather awkward! This part of the costume is going to live on the dress dummy until I can think of a better way to store it.



  1. All that and a seamstress, too?
    Girl, what else do you do?

    They look great.... just not together. ;)


  2. I have loved many of your costumes that I have seen over the years. You are talented. Cant you move closer to me so you can do my sewing as well?


  3. Sil, great workmanship on that skirt, pleats with a lining can really be a pain in the keester. I like the top too.

    *thumbs up