Saturday, June 11, 2011

162/365 - Maritime Search and Rescue Operations Room

So, it's not the best photograph, I'm afraid. I took it on my phone and with the bright sunshine outside, it hasn't come out wonderfully. However, I completely forgot that today was Saturday, so I haven't taken a decent photo. This one is from last week.

So this is where I work. :) Where all the maritime search and rescue coordination is done for our district. :)


  1. It's rather an interesting shot, heliona.
    Like a half silhouette. I like the contrast of the bright sunlight and the computer screens and office furniture.

    There are no bad pictures, you know.


  2. Very cool to see your office hon!! I think that it is very admirable that you do search and rescue. Its a job that is truly needed and unfortunately often thankless! Thank you for doing what you do!!


  3. I really like seeing where you work and where the good fight is done. Keep up the great work.


  4. I've always been wondering what your work-place looks like, so I love the photo! :D