Wednesday, June 8, 2011

159/365....Sun Faeries....

Sun Faeries Dancing.
It was my mother who told me the reflections of the sun and moon on the water were faeries dancing.
To a four year old's mind it was soooooo true. 

This is the lake I grew up on. The lake I learned to swim on.
The dock I, at first, jumped from then later dived from.
I spent nearly all the days of Summer in this lake. Rain or shine, I was in the water.
At least once a year my friend and I would swim the width of it. (we'd rest then swim back)
Gads, the joy this lake gave me.

Location: Calma's childhood home: Kitsap Lake, Bremerton, Washington.


  1. Calma, stunning photo and thanks for sharing the memories of it for you growing up.

    I love the idea of faeries dancing on the water, with the glisten of the sun.


  2. Very cool!!! I had not heard of such things but being the person that I am, I will hold on to that one and share it with my grandkids.

    Faeries in the water!! What a lovely picture and idea!!!


  3. I love the sun fairies idea - and I just love sun reflected on water. :D