Friday, June 10, 2011

160/365 Work

The building that hosts the vocational training institute where I currently teach.
It's in a 'business park' - an area of about 500 metres long and wide, built over with office buildings - this one is at the far end of it, which I guess is the reason the car park has a bit of wild growth left in it.
I had actually meant to take a pic of the morning rush of people - but this morning, there was none. No idea where everybody was - but if there is, it makes me feel like we're a bunch of sheep, all moving into a sheepfold. :D


  1. Hey Hobby,

    I clicked on the photo and made it larger, do you work in the front brick looking building or the taller one in the back?

    Interesting to see where people work and know what they do.

    And never worry, you couldn't be a sheeple if you tried. You are too unique.


  2. Maybe everyone decided to skip work on this day.

    It's cool to see where you work.
    Hope your job is going well.

    It's a nice shot though. Love how the sky accents the buildings.


  3. It is great to see where you work hon. I will have to get some pictures of where I work. Though I think some of the inside would be unique too. I work with a lot of dead stuffed animals around me. But some are very cool like the Mountain Lions and the Elk and Bears. The Canadian Geese kind of freak me out though.


  4. Jules, it's the big white one - there's another company in it, too, though.
    And thanks! :D

    Calma, LOL, possibly. :D Thanks, and yes, I was surprised how nicely the pic had turned out, too. I guess early morning light is the best for photos after all. :D

    Vana, stuffed animals? :Q I think I'd be a bit scared. :D You've got to take a pic sometime. :D