Saturday, June 25, 2011

176/365: In the Sewer

So...a high contrast to Heliona's Scottish Fairyland! The most interesting thing I did this past week was to go down into the Sewer Museum. One of those things you always mean to do, because they're just around the corner, but keep forgetting about...

170/365: Lodz Sewer Museum

The so-called 'Inner Tube' (Dętka) sewer runs in a circle under the Plac Wolności in Łódź, and was one of the first segments of the city's sewage system, built in 1926. It was designed by the british engineer William Heerlein Lindley (the younger Lindley) and the construction was supervised by local engineer Stefan Skrzywan. It's a large sewer, 187 cm tall and 1,5 m wide, and was used for water retention in the event that one of the connecting sewers needed purging.

They do that with machines nowadays, so the sewer was turned into a museum. It's super cool and echo-ey.



  1. Ooo, I love this shot.

    A sewer museum?
    Hmm, never would have thought to do that.


  2. Ooh, that is such an atmospheric photo. I love it! :)

  3. I think that's really cool! Good photo, too. :D

  4. Very interesting. HEEELOOOOOOO Hellllo hello...

    It was probably cool down there too.