Tuesday, June 14, 2011

165/365 Dairy Queen!!

Here is a photo taken during a weekend bike ride on a nice sunny day.  Sadly, I did not go into the Dairy Queen to get a nice softserve cone, or (better yet) a Peanut Buster Parfait.  Instead I went into the neighboring Souders minimart to buy a nice cold drink.  I figured I needed the fluids more than the extra calories. J

Tooks in PA


  1. Our DQ just closed. How can they close an institution like DQ? My favorite this I THINK was called a Royale....soft vanilla ice cream with banana's, chocolate sauce and nuts. YUM. I will miss it, but we still have the A & W, don't know for how long.


  2. Ooo, I'll have a Blizzard... :D
    But after a bike ride, ice cream is not what you need to cool off. The nice cold drink was the way to go.

    We still have a DQ.

    Neat shot of the sign, Tooks.