Wednesday, June 29, 2011

180/365: The closet door story!!

Exhibit A: closet door.

Note:  Closet door is not on the sliding hinge.  You might ask how long it has been like this?  3.5 years now.

Story.  Starlings, nasty little birds would make nests in my dryer ducting in the winter, then fall down the ducting to the back of the washer/dryer.  The maintenance would have to come in, remove the laundry door, pull out the washer/dryer, take off the ducting and then the bird/birds would fly about the flat until we could shoo them out the door or sliding glass door.

How many times did this happen?  Eight over three winters.  And you can't imagine the sounds they make when stuck in the ducting.  Maddening.  I asked repeatedly to cover the vent to the outside so this wouldn't  happen.

On the last time birds got stuck there, finally they did cover it, but when he got the washer/dryer back in place, the door literally fell off the hinges.  Maintenance said they would get the part and return to fix it.  I have asked and asked, written, complained - but no one comes.  The blue and pink notes?  They are from the maintenance person saying that he hasn't forgot me.  *roll eyes*

The paperwork on the door are notices to "inspect" my apartment that I get a few times a year.  Do they come to inspect?  Not one time.  When I want to do laundry I have to physically move the door and it isn't light.  

I suspect that some day they will actually do an inspection and see all the notices and maybe then I will get the door fixed.

/closet door story

By the way.  On the left of the laundry closet is my bathroom, on the right is a rack.  On the rack, second shelf down is a stein.  A TORC stein that was a gift to me. :D  If I had thought before taking the photo, I would have turned the TORC logo towards the camera.



  1. Blimey, I'd be fuming that after all that long, nothing had been done. I'd be pestering the maintenance man every week. You must have a lot more patience than me. :D

    I like the look of the rack with the stein on it. :) Just a little glimpse to rouse my curiosity. ;)

  2. Time to kick some serious butt, girlie.
    Hope they fix them real soon.

    Nice place you live in.


  3. Yikes, I do hope it gets fixed soon! Makes for a good story, though. ;) :D