Thursday, June 16, 2011

167/365 Lest We Forget

More  from our Boston trip.

As we were walking the Freedom Trail we saw what we thought was a large public art work
in a grassy triangular park where 3 roads intersect near Fanueil Hall.
The first time through we wondered what it was but didn't stop,
but on a subsequent day we decided to check it out
and we were glad we did.

It was a Holocaust Memorial.

It was dedicated all those who lost their lives in WWII to the Nazi extermination
and to those who were experimented on
and to those who survived.
It was a very moving experience.

There was a separate glass tower
 commemorating each of the concentration camps.
Each tower had numbers etched into the glass.
The numbers represented the numbers that were tattooed on human beings.

The panels also had quotes from various people...
many from survivors.
The quotes told personal stories and memories.

                                  "Nothing belongs to us anymore. They have taken away our clothes, our shoes, even our hair. If we speak they will not listen to us. And if they listen to us they will not understand. They have taken away our names.                                                           My number is 174517. I will carry the tattoo on my left arm until I die."                                                                                          Primo Levi - Holocaust survivor
A chemist captured in Italy while trying to join the Partisans. Became an author after the war.      
Stones left in Memorial
Steam rises from vents at the base of the Memorial.   


  1. Great photos, I love them, especially the reflected quote. Something very eerie about it and touching at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing that with the group.


  2. Very moving, and great photos, Dawn. :)

  3. As I read what you wrote about this memorial and the comments of the man from the last one, I cried. It is still so hard to imagine that anyone can hate people so much as to try to exterminate them.

    I still can not understand why so many listened to that short dark haired idiot when his claim was that the perfect white man should be 6 feet tall and blond. I mean, he did not fit the bill himself.

    Thank you Rose for sharing this with us. I did not know there was such a memorial anywhere but I am thrilled to see there is.


  4. My late uncle was a member of the troops who liberated Auschwitz. If he were alive today, he would be all over those who say the Hollocaust never happened. The memories never left him.

    Great pictures, Rose.