Monday, June 27, 2011

178/365: Gandy Dancer

The Gandy Dancer, a fancy restaurant in Ann Arbor right next to the railroad tracks. I'm told they have an amazing Sunday brunch, but as I'm rather cheap, I've never been there. My parents said they'd take me there after graduation, so I only have to wait about 4.5 more years! :P

Ann Arbor, MI



  1. That place looks amazing. Too bad you have to wait 4.5 years to get there. ;) There was a place in Vegas called "The Library" that looked similar and it had the BEST food.

    Bon Appitit!!


  2. Did they build it or did they take over an empty building.
    Either way, it's an amazing build.

    At least you will have a goal to work for.

    Neat shot.


  3. Very cool looking place. I love the cobble stone road. We used to have streets like that where I was born and raised. But then they cemented over them. I love when they have to tear up a road and they find the old cobblestones underneath.

    A bit of history there.


  4. Lovely, old-world charm there. :)