Wednesday, June 15, 2011

166/365....Foot Ferry

All Aboard!!
This is one of the foot ferries that run between Port Orchard and Bremerton.
This is, as you can see by the name, the Carlisle II. It's the one that handles the larger commutes in the morning and evening for the shipyard workers. It's also available for private parties.
Used to be you could park your car on the Port Orchard side catch the foot ferry then the big Seattle ferry watch a ball game then come home and the foot ferry would still be running.
But the economy and fuel prices have curtailed that. Still, if you need to run to Bremerton every day, it's a lot easier and cheaper than driving around and facing all the traffic. Just ask my husband, he'll tell ya.


Port Orchard Foot Ferry Dock.... Port Orchard, WA.


please check the runner up section for a picture on the history of the Mosquito Fleet.


  1. I did read the history of the Mosquito Fleet and Port Orchard as well, very cool. I haven't been on one of these "foot" ferries as of yet, but I have taken the big ferry over to Victoria a few years ago. I think it is fun to do. Relaxing.

    Great photo.

  2. What a neat-looking ferry. I can imagine that it would rather relaxing to use it to commute instead of stewing in a car!