Sunday, June 26, 2011

177/365 - China's Visitor

This is the kitty that keeps coming to visit China at night. We have no idea if it is a male or female but when the kitty comes they yowl at the window till China comes to the window. I find it charming and cute though I know the kitty is too scared for me to be able to open the door and see. It almost runs when I come into view so I must stay back.


Photo taken in Bow WA.


  1. Very cute. Has China been "fixed"? I would assume so at her age. Maybe the other kitteh is just lonely. :D


  2. Yes China was fixed as a kitten. It is interesting to be sitting watching tv or something and suddenly hear this heart breaking crying from outside. He/she sits on the rail either in the back or now in the front till China comes to the windows and will look at them. They are too jumpy for me to get to go outside and see the kitty but maybe watching me pet China will calm their fears somewhat so that maybe I can check the kitty someday and see where he/she belongs. I find it kind of cute that he/she visits after dark most nights now.

  3. That's adorable! I hope the other one will lose her fear one day and come inside, so they can get together. :)