Saturday, June 11, 2011

162/365: Equality Parade

Equality Parade / Parada Równości

Equality Parade in Warsaw. It's like Pride, except not quite. It aims to be inclusive of all minorities- but still, mostly the LGBT crowd. The Sejm (house of parliament) building can be seen in the back, that's where the parade started.

The postulates were:

-civil partnership rights for gay and lesbian couples
-the introduction of a fair and neutral educational programme concerning life in a diverse society, with diverse sexualities
-government action against discrimination of LGBTs and other minorities
-expansion of the law concerning hate crimes to protect gender identity and sexual orientation
-a review of the laws concerning the protection of animals

~Ro in Warsaw


  1. Very colorful picture.

    What I like most is that the people of Poland can have this happen without fear of repercussions. I hope their rally brings about the changes they are wanting.


  2. Too true...we do think of what happened in Moscow. :( Their parade wasn't legal, but this one wasn't either the first time it marched, several years ago- the city president disallowed it. Then the courts said that it was unconstitutional:) I wonder what the chances are of that happening in Russia.

    The police was here to protect the parade and keep it in order, and they managed- someone was smart enough to direct the nationalist extremist march down another route. Though they did stop exactly where we started, and threw bottles and firecrackers over the line of policemen. No one got hurt, luckily, but it was close.

  3. Love the freedoms that are expressed these days in different countries and how it shows that each of us has the same desires and goals for our people. Freedom from hate and less fear of being different.

    Love the picture Ro darlin!!


  4. Very colorful photo and for a good cause. We are struggling here as well for the same equalities. The world will be a better place when this happens.