Friday, June 24, 2011

175/365 Hot Air Jurassic Park

Don't know if you can see him in this pic, but there's a man in a Hawaiian shirt with a walrus mustache who's known to one and all (at least around here) as "Dizzy Doc". He's a balloon sculptor.
Every summer, he and a team of volunteers travel around and build giant balloon sculptures for special events. Each year he has a new theme. So far, we're on day two of the building at my mall and this year's theme is dinosaurs.

I'll try to continue posting as the construction develops.

Day one: Thursday PM

Day two: Friday AM

Day two: early afternoon

Doc's busy at work on the body for the T-Rex.

Meanwhile, two team members work on something else...

Day two: 4:00 ish

T-Rex taking shape.

Looks like a pterodactyl to me.

Day two: PM

The pterodactyl soars over Starbucks.

A triceratops being attacked by a raptor.

Day three: Showday!

The completed T-Rex roars and crashes through the fountain.


  1. Very cool photos of all the balloons in progress. Must be fun to work there all see all this project going on.



  2. Have added some more pics, and here are some links y'all might find interesting:

  3. Cool project.
    Neat pictures.


  4. About to make one last update!

  5. LOLOL - these are fun! Way cool. :D