Sunday, June 12, 2011

163/365 - More of the Old Barns

This guy has great air conditioning for hot summers and great air circulation so that you wont get that stuffy feeling in the winter.

Actually this is another of the old barns I have seen in our area. Less then two miles from our home. I love how mother nature has her plants just grow up and kind of take over so that as the building falls into ruin it has a very majestic and earthy look to it. I was drawn to how you can see the sky through the slats of the roof. I did not see it from the other side but I would imagine the roof is gone on that side completely.

We enjoy driving the valley and into the mountains of our area looking at sites and finding these old buildings. We have even found some great and interesting new buildings along the way.


Photo taken in Bow, WA.

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  1. Hey Vanadarlin, yet another very old and interesting barn. They are all unique yet share a long history.

    Great photo.
    Jules ((hugs))