Saturday, August 6, 2011

218/365: Teremiski on the Eastern Border

I am in Teremiski, a little village in a glade in the middle of the primeval forest of Białowieża. There is an open university here, and we're making an animated film!

But in the mornings, if, by chance, the camera isn't on the set...

Dawn in Teremiski

See the deer?

I took this at around four in the morning. I was hoping to see some wisent, but they never showed up. No loss, there's a week of mornings left. :)



  1. What is a wisent? I never heard of such a thing but I do love that you caught the deer eating in the morning fog!! How cool is that picture?? I love it and would want a framed pic of it on my wall. That is so cool!!!

    Lovely photo Rodia!!!


  2. Oh WOW!
    What a gorgeous picture, Rodia.
    Love the morning mists...

    And I see the deer! :D


  3. A wisent is a type of bison. They lived in this forest since forever, went extinct after the second war, then were reintroduced. Now there are about 500 of them, and they're under strict protection. You can serve serious jail time for killing one of them.

    We call them Żubr. Do you know the Zubrovka Bisongrass Vodka? That's the bison.

  4. Rodia, GREAT photo with all the morning hazy and I do indeed see the deer, but no bison or wisent or VODKA for that matter. :D

    Thanks and hope the film shoot goes well for you.