Wednesday, August 17, 2011

229/365: Ceramic Gussie

Simply the best, can't even describe how much I loved my Mini Doxie Gussie.  She was so smart and attentive and loving.  I had her almost 14 years and I do have photos, but I bought this ceramic to have out, so I can see it every day and remind me of what perfection and love is in a pet, one that was my best friend for many many difficult years.  Not that it matters, but she was a pure bred.  AKC registered under the name of Augusta McCray, named after Captain Gus McCray from the film Lonesome Dove.



  1. My sister has a mini Dachshund named Samantha or Sammy. She won't let me in the house from barking and protecting her mommy.
    She's a cute dog, but I still don't like dogs.

    I'm glad you had such a friend though.
    Nice picture of the ceramic piece, too.


  2. Wow, what a lovely story! :) Dachshund dogs are reputed to have a difficult temper, but as with most dogs, I think (in addition to training) it's very much the temper of the owner that determines the temper of the dog - so no wonder yours was such a sweet friend. :)

  3. Hobby, thank you for your kind words. Gussie was as sweet as the day is long, never had an ill temperment a day in her life. She was tolerant with children and loved other doggies.

    She was the second dachshund that I owned and the other was also a sweet doggie. But I have seen dachshund's that were very protective. I think they have to be socialized at a very young around people and other animals, then they are fine.

    I won't get another dachshund. After her, I would always be comparing and that wouldn't be fair. But I hope to some day get another doggie, I am thinking a Corgi....they are built low to the ground as well. :D

    Thanks again, Hobby and Calma for your comments.


  4. Aw...what a sweet little thing, and of course the real Gussie must have been even sweeter. Sausage dogs are the cutest, there are many in my neighbourhood and they always seem to be in such a hurry on those little legs of theirs!