Wednesday, June 1, 2011

153/365 Boston...Give Me Liberty!

                                                                              Boston is famous for early American history.
This is, quite literally, the freedom trail. For much of it's 2 & 1/2 miles it is marked by a double red-brick line (sometimes by a red painted line.) It passes many early historical sites, graveyards, freedom hall, churches, the site of the Boston massacre and Bunker hill.. and the 200+ year old tall ship, the U.S.S. Constitution (old Ironsides).

We are here in Boston on vacation. It was Memorial weekend. The display of flags on the hill are for in honor of those who have fallen in battle. 

The photo above shows my daughter looking at the dog-tags of American soldiers who lost their lives in the Afgahn and Iraq wars. It was a memorial in a garden outside of the Old (one if by land, two if by sea)  North Church. I am not sure if it is a permanent display or if it was special for Memorial Weekend.


This last photo is of Trinity church, or, more precisely, a reflection of Trinity Church. I found the reflection of this very old (by American standards) church in a very modern building, very interesting.

More on Boston will follow next week when I am back at my own computer & able to upload/edit, etc... 



  1. Oh my, what excellent choices you made for posting. Thanks for taking the time on your vacation. The one with the dog tags really makes a statement I think and the reflected church is just a stunning shot.

    I love them all. Continue to enjoy your vacation in Boston. Come home safe.



  2. Great pictures, Rose.

    Love the Trinity Church one the moste.


  3. Rose that path is cool!! Wow that display of dog tags sure puts things in perspective doesn't it?

    Thank you for sharing!!


  4. Lovely, crisp, clear, colourful photos. Makes me want to visit Boston!