Monday, June 6, 2011

157/365 Another piece of the Shire

View from the patio of our hotel.
My sweetheart's birthday and a public holiday were excuse enough for us to go for a little extended-weekend holiday. We started our search a bit late, though, and were surprised to find that many hotels were completely booked. So it was mostly by coincidence that we found ourselves in a small, picturesque place in the Eifel, a hilly region only about a hundred kilometres south-west of Cologne - we had found a pretty and romantic hotel and I knew that the area was good for walking tours, which is something we enjoy.
It turned out a fabulous weekend with perfect weather, perfect walks through beautiful, quiet landscape and a perfect hotel, too.


  1. Beautiful location.
    Great picture, Hobby.


  2. That does remind me of the Hobbit and the Shire. What a lovely location you found for Mr. Hobby's birthday weekend and a little get away for romance.



  3. I absolutely love this archway. Very romantic in styling!! It definitely looks to be a part of the shire. I love it!!