Friday, July 1, 2011

182/365: The Fellowship

Okay, I'm cheating a little since I didn't take this photo, but I wanted to post it anyway since it's LOTR-themed!

To celebrate the release of the LOTR extended editions on Blu-Ray, they played the extended versions of the movies in theatres, one movie each Tuesday night for the last three weeks. Tickets were rather expensive so we ended up only going to ROTK, and I of course jumped on the "Dress up" bandwagon and dragged everyone else along with me. :D Pictured above, from left to right, are my sister, mom, Arwenelf of TORC, me, my other sister, and a friend. We didn't really aim for actual characters, though Mom and I are supposed to be Sam and Frodo. Are we awesome, or what? (You can't see it, but both Arwenelf and I have pointed ears on, which we also wore to a coffee shop earlier that day.)

We got lots of funny looks, a few people who didn't know what Return of the King was (guesses included Harry Potter and Star Wars), and one girl who told us she loved us for dressing up. All in all, good times. :D

Hudsonville, MI



  1. Love the photo with all of you in it. You are cute as Frodo but everyone looks great. Your sister and mom as Samwise and Rosie are so cute. Arwenelf as Arwen is beautiful. I assume the other sister to be Galadriel and the friend to be Aragorn?

    Great fun I would think. :D


  2. Darlin that is totally awesome!!!! I love the dressing up idea. Oh wow!!! I want to drag out my costumes now and dress up as an elf again. :D

    You all look terrific!!! I thought you all had wonderful and cheerful smiles!!