Sunday, July 17, 2011

198/365 - The Olympics at Sunset

This is a dreamy vision on the horizon of The Olympic Mountains for Calma.

I will get there some morning for a good view where you can see the snow covered peaks and the pollution is down so you can actually see them clearer.

I love this picture cause it is like seeing a vision of a dream floating on the horizon of a place that we would wish to escape to. It is a wonderful place to visit. My sisters cabin is on this side in the southern end of the woods.

So this is for Calma!!


Photo taken at Little Mountain lookout in Mt. Vernon, WA.


  1. Looks like you can almost play checkers on the fields. :D

    The mountains are cool, too.


  2. Ah, very sweet of you to take the photo for Calma. I love it. Looks dreamy as you said. :D