Wednesday, July 13, 2011

194/365.....Local eating place....

New place in town.
 It's only been about two months since this place opened up, but its reputation is growing. It has great food and good service. The prices are right for the food you get, too. We've gone twice and have yet to be disappointed. Just remember to bring a big appetite, because you will get a lot of food.  

Calma's Buddy Car can be seen in the reflection, btw.  :D

Location:  Port Orchard, WA.


  1. What a great name for a restaurant! Heeehe!

  2. Cool. I see catsup and mustard on the tables, is it a hamburger joint? I love a local hangout.


  3. Yeah, a burger joint with 1/2 and 1 pound burgers and a mound of shoestring fries. Love shoestring fries. It also has great grilled sandwiches on bread that is not thin plus some breakfast items.
    Really a great place to have a meal.


  4. I love good burger joints and I love the french fries especially shoe string fries!! YUM!!!

    We may have to drop in and check it out next time we are on the peninsula. ;)