Saturday, July 9, 2011

190/365 - Scott tartan

This is a photo of my clan tartan. This version is the Modern Green (there's a Modern, a Hunting, and an Ancient, along with a Black and White, and a Red and all the permutation therein). I took it to show my father, as he is going to get a kilt made for my brother's wedding, and was convinced that the Modern Green was a bit bright.


  1. Ooo, I like it.
    Hope your dad does, too. :D
    Think he'll allow you to post a picture of him in the kilt?

    And congrats to your brother.


  2. That is a lovely Tartan darlin!! I too, would love to see the finished kilt when your da tries it on to model the finished product. :D

    The MacRae's have a simular tartan but with more red and white.


  3. Great tartan, heliona. :D

    I love the tradition of the Scots (Scott's?) :P and all history behind the colors.

    Hope your brother loves his new kilt.


  4. There are 4 different sets of Tartans that I have the ability to wear: Wilson (not a clan per se, but my family name and it has all the different permutations of tartants, just like yours), Gunn, Innes, and Carmichael. Carmichael is the clan I actually belong to through paternal bloodline, so it's what I've worn in the past (borrowed from family). Last year I went to get my own kilt made and was surprised by how incredibly expensive they are. So I am still stuck with pants for formal occasions.

    -Alex (SB)