Wednesday, July 27, 2011

208/365...What a difference a day makes...

So, Sunday the 24th of July dawned in glorious sunshine. I took this picture of my neighbor's tree. I like looking at it against the blue sky. Later that day we all headed out to our friend's home for my oldest son's birthday party. It was a very fun time and the day was comfortably warm.

And then....

Monday came....

Thunder crashed...
Lightning flashed...
The rains came...
And I kept looking for Noah.

Location...Calma's street in Port Orchard WA.


  1. Indeed, what a difference a day makes. *shock* That is some rain storm that you got.

    At least for South of you, for the next week we are not supposed to have any rain at all and very nice mild temps. Hope you get that too.

    Great shots!!


  2. Yes we did get that same storm cause it was full of water until late in the afternoon for us. I hear ya on wondering when Noah would be floating by! Wow!! I was sure glad that I did not leave my car windows open at work.

    Then today was another beautiful day in the afternoon!! It got down right hot here today but I am not sure how hot it really was.


  3. Great contrast. Hope you get the fine weather back, soon. :)