Thursday, July 21, 2011

202/365 Harvest

Berry harvest in the trunk of our car. There's two kilos of redcurrants and about ten kilos of cherry plums (or, well, some other variety of small plum - we found the tree in the garden and haven't been able to identify the fruit beyond doubt :D ), and a few leftover gooseberries.

It was high time I got round to get into our veggie garden again. We'd taken most of the gooseberries last time, but the red-currants and cherry plums were only just coming - I'd been hoping they'd not ripen too quickly and wait till I'd get round to visit again, and I guess I've partly got the chilly weather to thank for them taking another three weeks and being fully ripe right now. In fact, a large part of the cherry plums had already fallen from the tree and had to be thrown away, but there were still lots on the tree. I took about ten kilos - and that's only the ones I could easily reach - the upper end of the tree is still full, and no chance of getting there. Ah well, I'm sure this is all the amount I can use anyway. I might have tried making wine from them, but on reading up on the how-to, I learned that all fruits from the plum-family are not very suitable for making wine - apparently, too little acidity. Don't know about that, really - the jam I've made from them so far is quite sour (but in a pleasant way). Ah well. They are also my favourite fruit to make liqueur from, so I started a few litres of that. ;) :D

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  1. Hey Hobby, lovely fruit and just in season too. I make my own berry brandy when I can pick the fruit in my area.