Sunday, July 10, 2011

191/365 - A Bird's Eye View of Home

This is the photo we took on our drive and hike on Thursday. We found ourselves above our area where the Paragliders apparently take off from. If you look where the road bends to the left, you will see a couple of white buildings about the center of the photo to the right of the bend. We are the house seen between and behind them and in front of the building with the green roof. I can use the mouse wheel to bring the picture close up to the area and see our front porch. I hope you can as well. Not too close or it gets really fuzzy, but you can see just how open country the area I live in is.


Photo taken from the top at the Samish Overlook above Bow, WA.


  1. Neat picture, Vana!
    I love over view pictures.


  2. I couldn't scroll close enough to see your front porch, but I did enlarge it to see your home. Very country and beautiful.

    Jules :D