Tuesday, July 26, 2011

207/365 Cornfield??

There is a running joke at my place of employment that they built a Medical School and hospital out in the middle of a cornfield.

It is absolutely true.....this year, at least.  Last year it was soybeans.

The land surrounding the place is still owned by the Hershey trust.  It used to be dairy farms, now it is corn/soybean fields.  Back in the day, Milton Hershey wanted cheap milk close by, so he had thousands of acres of dairy farms in the surrounding counties. Some of those old farms are still around. You can tell by the wooden signs hanging by the road, identifying the farm by the number it was given.  For example: Farm 41. 

Nowadays Hershey chocolate isn't as good and some of it is made elsewhere, but it's nice to get a glimpse of the 'old days'.

And in case you are wondering.... the Hershey Trust donated the land for the Medical School and hospital, which is why it's in the middle of a cornfield!

~Tooks in PA


  1. If you build it they will come? ;)

    Too bad that Hershey's doesn't use the local dairies any longer. I bet the product would still be as great as it was when Old Man Hershey was in charge.

    Great photo.

  2. I love that story, Tooks. And it's great that the hospital has some nice surroundings. Most of ours don't - at all!

  3. Great story and picture, Tooks.
    Must make it a little easier to go to work when you have that to look at instead of a lot of nothing.


  4. meh. I'm in stoofid basement. :P


  5. Oh, so it's your work-place, Tooks?
    Like the pic, and love the story! :D