Thursday, July 14, 2011

195/365 Hobbit is as hobbit does.

More & More FLOWERS~!

My daughter is in
Japan at the moment
but she had given me 
an African violet for 
Mother's Day & it's 
blooming now. 
I love the iridescent
quality of the petals.
(click to enlarge.. although
I see I should have cleared
a bit of dirt off before
taking the photo!)

This is another one of my flower beds.
As you can see, I need to get a few annuals in
the ground next to the Shasta daisy's.
The day lilies & mums to the right are not
blooming quite yet.

This is a close-up of Kennilworth ivy.. 
it's growing in the crevices of the rocks,
but you can't see it in the larger photo. 
In fact, this ivy pops up all over my yard.
I really like this little ground cover,
it looks like tiny little orchids and
it seems very 'Shire-like' to me.

Gone Gardening


  1. Three totally lovely photos, Rose. Your yard is a hobbit's paradise!! Fits you right down to your hairy feet.



  2. Ooh, I have pretty much exactly the same variety of African violet! :D
    And I saw Kenilworth Ivy growing wild on an old wall in the UK last week and was wondering what plant it was - so, thanks for a very timely photo! :D

  3. What a treasure to visit your garden and see the lovelies you have growing there. Very Hobbity indeed!! I love the shots. Show us more please!!!