Wednesday, July 6, 2011

187/365 - The Majestic Mount Rainier

While driving back on Monday I wanted to get a picture of Mount Rainier but it seems that whom ever built the road way of I-5 made sure that there were either trees or hills or houses or something in the way so that a glimpse was all one could get. Well when we finally got to Fife I got this clear shot and took it. I have several with houses or trees and the mountain behind them but this one came out perfect. So I wish to share the beauty and the majesty of Mt. Rainier with you all. It is considered an active volcano in the ring of fire. It is the one they are keeping a close eye on now and just waiting for this giant to rumble into action. It is so pretty and I have been on this mountain so if and when it does blow up, it will be a loss for the vista that it gives and the memories will be dearer still.


Photo taken in Fife from I-5 while driving home Monday from our fun weekend.


  1. Ooo, the Mountain.

    I love Mt. Rainier almost as much as I do the Olympics.

    Very pretty shot.


  2. I too have visited the mountain, though I sure hope it doesn't blow itself like Mt. St. Helens did.

    We are fortunate to live in a state with four of the five most notorious mountains that make up the ring of fire.

    Great shot you got there Vanadarlin', love it.