Thursday, July 14, 2011

195/365 Dorset Coast

A view from our walk along a particularly beautiful part of the coast in the south of England, deservedly on the UNESCO world heritage list.

We did a lovely round walk, starting at Lulworth Cove, going up the cliffs and then inland, across fields and meadows, to come back out in the valley in front of the highest of the cliffs you see in the middle background (so, we didn't walk that really steep cliff ;) ), then up again and back on top of the cliffs to the village of Lulworth (with a descent to beach level at a stunning rock formation called Durdle Door, which is right behind the bay in the photo). So, this is at after about 3/4 of our walk, which wasn't more than 5 or 6 miles, but had some steep climbs. And views that were overwhelming. Very tired and very happy at the end of this. :D


  1. Oh my, what a stunning view. You must have really enjoyed your holiday with a hike and grand view like that. Happy you made it home safely with wonderful memories.



  2. Beautiful!!! What a view indeed!! I would love to make such a hike and see such grandeur in the English countryside. Wow! I envy your chances to go to such places and the like. :thumbsup: Thank you for sharing the picture with us.


  3. Great picture, Hobby. :D
    Grand view.