Sunday, July 24, 2011

205/365 - Wow! My very own sushi bar!

This is one of the last photos I took of SiSi while she lived with us. She really loved the fish and would do what she could to get as close as possible. I caught her sitting on the back of my computer chair just staring at the poor fish.. I think she thought we had set this out for her own personal sushi bar.

"Now which one do I want today? The dark fish or the light fish? Decisions, decisions!"

Photo taken in Bow, WA.



  1. LOL excellent photo. I commented on it on the HELLO. I bet she dreamed about those beta's at night. :D

    Great photo!!


  2. I love this photo. So very cat-like. :D I love SiSi's coat, too, the colour and the pattern.

  3. Meow! :D

    I hope SiSi is doing well in her new home.

    This is such a cute picture.


  4. Heeeehehe, what an adorable position she's sitting in! Doesn't look very comfortable, but boy is it cute!

  5. Totally love that pic! :D
    Is it real fish in the jars, though? I can't make it out even in the biggest version, I'm afraid. :)