Sunday, July 24, 2011

205/365 - I give you the Moon and the Stars

I really did not get much of a chance to go take photos this week but I did take these of a couple of new wall hangings I bought for the house.

I give you the Star that is solid on most sides and then open scroll work on the area of the bottom right.

Then I give you the Moon and Stars that I fell in love with. I was going to put these on the house but decided to hang them above the couch instead!

These photos were taken in my front room in Bow, WA.



  1. I especially love the moon and the stars. Very magical looking. Good purchase my friend.

    Jules ((hugs))

  2. You have such great finds. I love the both, and the idea of hanging things on the outside of your house. You can tell that you love your new home because you're personalising all the little things. :)