Sunday, July 17, 2011

198/365 - Waters Running Sweet

These are the waterfalls of Waterfall Park in Bellingham WA. Ryan and I took a walk there a few years ago and really enjoyed it. The peace and serenity there.

This is the largest falls there and they are almost at the beginning of the walk. The paths run for miles along this river both up and down river.

Back in 2000 a pipeline pipe sprang a slow leak of the oil or gas it was carrying and polluted the river but no one seemed to smell or see it. Two young boys found a lighter and were playing with it along the rivers edge in the shade just south of the main falls. Needless to say there was a huge explosion and fire ball ran down the river destroying everything. The fire raged down the river almost a mile before it stopped. The two boys both 11 and one young man of 19 perished in the sudden blaze. Even in the tragedy they were able to find that the boys saved a lot of people in the act of causing the explosion. If the leak had gone on much longer the leak would have effected the river right into town and on into the Puget sound. It was very sad and just before school got out for the summer.

Now the area has rebounded and grown back beautifully. There are several falls along this trail as well as a pond that fish enjoy. There are even places along the river that are so deep that kids do cliff diving off of. Personally I could never do that but it is fun to watch them jump from the heights and hit the water.

It is a great place to cool off on a hot summer day or take a nice quiet walk to enjoy nature.

We went again with Ryan's mom to show her the area and took a long walk just last week.

There is also a fish hatchery for trout attached to the park as well as a nice picnic area and playground.


Photos taken at Waterfall Park, Bellingham, WA.


  1. I remember hearing about that.

    Nice to see it's come back.


  2. Beautiful photos, what a great place to visit and relax. Tragic story that I have also heard, but all in the end is good and nature has recovered its loveliness.